lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Bulgarian Archeologists Discover Mummy in Egypt

In Luxor, Egypt, Bulgarian archeologists discovered a mummy of an Egyptian priest from the time of Ramses II. The mummy is about 3000 years old and was now classified as No.263 in the Egyptian national register in Cairo. The body was of a nobleman from the 19th Egyptian dynasty. The news was brought to Bulgaria by no other but Bulgaria’s Minister of Education, Sergey Ignatov who is also a professor of Egyptology. This was the first time Bulgarian archeologists had the opportunity to research the Valley of the Kings along the Niles. The Bulgarian expedition will remain in Africa till the end of March.
According to Ignatov, the World Egyptology Congress will take part in Bulgaria this year. It will give an opportunity to the Bulgarian expedition to report on its findings on the Tomb of Tebes.

Biliana Vesselinova

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