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TT341, the tomb of Nakhtamon

Nakhtamon advances, his arms raised (see eh-46). The folds of his stomach and extreme size of his pleated garment, are stylistic criteria of this date. Behind him is his wife, whose long wig is surmounted by the cone of ointment and the usual lotus flower. She holds in her left hand a holy water sprinkler as well as a Hathoric sistrum which produces the noise of a rattle. This is supposed to attract the goddess Hathor out of the mountain of the west so that she takes the deceased in her lap where he will be able to be reborn again of his own work.
 This evidently works, since the goddess can be seen in the form of a cow, which is extended half out of the mountain. She has on her head a combination of a sun disk inside a lyriform pair of horns, surmounted with a pair of feathers, usually associated with the goddess. It is completed here, at the front, with a uraeus. Around the neck of the cow is another of this form of Hathor's typical attributes, the menat-necklace.

TT341, the tomb of  Nakhtamon


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