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Relief featuring the gods Tutu and Bes

Relief featuring the gods Tutu and Bes

The representation is bordered by narrow margins on the sides and broader margins above and below. There are no inscriptions, although the borders have been smoothed as if intended to be inscribed.
Tutu is represented in the shape of a sphinx, striding to the right. He wears a wig with a fillet and a uraeus, and a ceremonial beard. On his head is the andjety-crown: ram's horns with two ostrich feathers, a sun disk and two uraei crowned with sun disks. At the back of his wig is a ram's head, facing left. His tail is a cobra. Small knives protrude from his paws.
The god Bes stands on the right-hand side, naked, with a panther's skin, a tail, beard and feather crown. He brandishes a sword in his right hand, his left hand rests on the thigh. The crowns worn by Tutu and Bes partially overlap the upper border.
A winged sun disk with uraeus is represented in the upper left hand corner. Its wings are in a straight angle.
The raised relief is finely detailed.

Inventory number APM 7757
Dating ROMAN PERIOD (not after); PTOLEMAIC PERIOD (not before)
Archaeological Site UNKNOWN
Category STELA
Height 28 cm
Width 35.5 cm
Depth 8 cm

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