lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015

The tomb of Nyankhnefertem also known as Temi

On entering the chamber, immediately in front of the visitor, can be seen the double vertical column of hieroglyphs. These are the result of the fact that the four figures of each side are preceded by the title text and this is the junction of the two groups. Thus the two leading images of the deceased, accompanied by his eldest son (right) and his wife (left), face each other. These images of the deceased are based on those found at the tomb of Merefnebef, but the other representations vary slightly in visual design.

Nyankhnefertem is represented in a stereotypical manner except in scene 4, where he appears with a few different personal features. Apart from this scene, only the hair changes, sometimes he has a small curly wig (accompanied with more juvenile facial features) and sometimes a wig which extends down to his shoulders. He wears a short beard, a blue painted broad necklace and a relatively short kilt, not even reaching down to his knees. This kilt has the usual front section which projects forward, associated with higher ranking men. The only exception is scene 4, where he wears a tight fitting kilt. In one hand he holds a long staff of office, in the other hand he grasps a folded piece of cloth. Here again, scene 4 is the exception, where he holds a sceptre not a folded piece of cloth

 The tomb of Nyankhnefertem also known as Temi

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