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Lion inscribed with the cartouche of Khyan, British Museum, EA 987.
Lion of the Hyksos king Seuserenre Khyan • Conservation: London. British Museum, EA 987. bibliography: Labib, "Herrchaft der Hyksos, (1936), p. 32. Pl 8 [a]. Ryholt, K.S.B. "The Political Situation in Egypt During the Second Intermediate Period". 1997, p.384.
Seuserenre Khyan, Khian or Khayan was a king of the Hyksos Fifteenth dynasty of Egypt. His royal name Seuserenre translates as "The one whom Re has caus...ed to be strong."[1] Khyan bears the titles of an Egyptian king, but also the title ruler of the foreign land (heqa-khaset). The later title is the typical designation of the Hyksos rulers
Picture of a scarab of hyksos pharaoh Khyan: "Prince of the desert Khyan, ankh nefer". Reign of Khyan, 15th dynasty, Second Intermediate Period.
Flinders Petrie (1853-1942) - Scarabs and cylinders with names (1917)

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