jueves, 14 de enero de 2016


Pharaoh Anedjib on a stone bowl fragment

Fragment of a vase of shale (slate) engraved with the name of Horus Anedjib and representation of a statue of the king.
Provenance: Saqqara. Found north of the pyramid of King Djeser. It is likely that earlier, the original vase was stored in one of the galleries beneath the pyramid. Now in the Egyptian Museum, JE. 55259. This fragment, found north of the Step Pyramid of King Djeser and published by Gunn, curiously shows the image of a statue of the same sovereign in a striding position. The rectangular bases where they land their feet, confirm that there is a representation of the sovereign itself, if not one of his statues.
This significant fact confirms the importance of the production of
sculptures during the reign of Anedjib, although to date we have not found any of them. Gunn. A.S.A.E., XXVIII, p. 158, pl. I, No. 6

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