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Wooden Model

Wooden Model
A model depicting brewing, baking and butchery, made from wood and gesso. On the left two women are grinding flour, a bread oven is next to them. A woman originally kneeling beside the oven is now lost. In the centre a man is cutting the throat of an ox with a flint knife; the legs of the ox are bound together and the man kneels with one hand pressing the head to the floor. To the right another man is pressing barley bread through a sieve into a vat where it wil...l ferment when mixed with water and date juice. Beside him are other vats and sealed beer jars, two with net coverings. Models like this one, showing butchery, are from the tombs of nobles, the only Egyptians to eat meat regularly.
Present location LIVERPOOL MUSEUM [03/061] LIVERPOOL
Inventory number 55.82.7
Archaeological Site BENI HASSAN
Category MODEL
Material WOOD; GESSO
Bibliography•Piotr Bienkowski and Angela Tooley., Gifts of The Nile: Ancient Egyptian Arts and Crafts in Liverpool Museum., 1995., 13; pl.17.

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