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Head of a statue of Babaef

Head of a statue of Babaef
This calcite head was found in the same tomb as inv. no. 7785. There is no doubt that it again represents Babaef, the tomb owner. He possessed a collection of statues befitting his social status as a high official and courtier of a king of the 5th Dynasty. The material both of the statue and of this head is calcite, a material which was only rarely used in a non-royal context. When we compare the head of Babaef to his standing statue, it is remarka...ble how little they have in common apart from the name of their commissioner. The head, despite its damaged face, displays a much higher level of craftsmanship than the rather polished and schematically treated statue. Instead of the curly wig covering the ears, this head is covered by a helmet-shaped layered wig revealing the ears. The special treatment of the statue head is also evident from the deep eye sockets which were once inlaid with another material. The face has a special radiance with its smooth cheeks and sensual mouth. Even if the upper half of the face is covered up, the lower half still seems remarkably lifelike. The treatment of the surface and certain details such as the mouth and ears indicate the hand of a master sculptor. It was certainly made by a different artist than the one who made the standing statue of Babaef.
Inventory number 7786
Archaeological Site GIZA NECROPOLIS
Category STATUE
Technique HEWN; CARVED
Height 13.3 cm
Width 11 cm
Depth 12 cm
Bibliography•Seipel, W. (ed.), Götter Menschen Pharaonen, Speyer (1993) = Dioses, Hombres, Faraones, Ciudad de México (1993) = Das Vermächtnis der Pharaonen, Zürich (1994) , Nr. 37.
•Jaros-Deckert, B. & Rogge, E., Statuen des Alten Reichs. Corpus Antiquitatum Aegyptiacarum (CAA) Wien 15 (1993), 72, 77-80, 154, 157, 167.

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