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Coffin Lid of Ankhesenaset

Coffin Lid of Ankhesenaset
Lid of a wooden mummiform coffin, painted black with details in yellow that is now very faint. The coffin contains an inner cartonnage mummy case with a female mummy (M14000). The pectoral is of lotus flowers and pomegranates and below is a winged disc and a now indecipherable scene which, according to an earlier description, was a vignette from Chapter 125 of the Book of the Dead. Down the centre is a single column of inscription with an offering request for a woman described as a ‘Chantress of Amun’ but only the beginning of her name (Ankhesen…) can be seen as the last few hieroglyphs have not survived. Her name would have ended with the name of a god and in 1877 her name was recorded as Ankhesenhesi. Dr van Walsem of Leiden University studied the coffin on 15 December 1981 and recommneded the name be read as Ankhesenaset.

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