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TOMB 340

The reading of the scene must in fact be made from the left, since the lower register where a woman, turned facing the cortege, seems to welcome it while offering a vase of ointment. The funeral procession heads toward the west, while going from Anubis toward Osiris (and therefore the mummy's preparation toward rebirth).
At the head one finds four porters with chests whose carrying straps have not been represented. Each man carries in principle two chests, in fact only six i...nstead of eight are represented, due to lack of space, in a rather ungainly manner (at less at this stage).
- Behind the porters of chests, is a group of mourners (which is difficult to identify) in sheath dresses with straps and tripartite wigs, turned around toward the continuation of the cortege while raising their arms at right-angles

Facing the mourners, advance six porters with offerings. The first holds in his hands a nu-vase and a bes-vase; the next two each carry a casket, the fourth and the fifth, a pedestal or a stool with struts. the last, whose silhouette is fairly damaged, a bag or a fan. All porters with funeral furniture in this register are clothed in the same way: very simple short loincloths and short wigs covering the ears.
In the upper register, where the second part of the procession is represented, one first sees eight women, feet together and in a tight sheath dress of archaic style, of which the gestures of the arms are quite varied: hands crossed on the chest; arms down the body; both arms raised.
Next comes the catafalque. It is carried by five men and is preceded by two cattle and a drover, which means that at certain times of the journey the catafalque was hauled, but that here the cortege crosses a rocky or more difficult passage, probably in the mountain.
The red catafalque, in the shape of an Egyptian shrine, is placed on a barque of which the prow and the stern are constituted of umbels of papyrus. Inside the catafalque, the anthropoid coffin is decorated of yellow bands intended to receive some inscriptions and the mask is framed by a green wig. On a line of soil, that has not yet been drawn above the cattle and their drover, three mourners constitute a small sub-register. Kneeling, the bust tilted forwards, they carry both hands to their faces.
TOMB 340 was discovered by Bernard Bruyère in 1925. It is a tiny vault located below a courtyard and which one reaches by some steps.

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