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This is a little better preserved, and the deceased possibly holds a sekhem sceptre. Kheruef has still been destroyed from the waist up. The colours are exquisite. The preserved text gives the name of the mother of Kheruef, Ruiu ".... Kheruef, justified, born of the royal adornment, singer of Isis the God's Mother, and Lady of the House, Ruiu, justified"
TT192, the tomb of Kheruef , whose birth name was Naa .

The gigantic funerary complex, TT192, of Kheruef (a more suitable term than that of simply 'tomb') has been considered as imposing, which indicates the power and the wealth of the person who was for a time the steward of queen Tiy, the Great Royal Wife of Amenhotep III (view CD_04), at a time when Egypt was at the summit of its glory and its prosperity. The monument was very far from being finished when, for an unknown reason, the site was abandoned.
What is nowadays designated as "the tomb of Kheruef", only includes the entry and the west portico at the far end of the open courtyard, an all small portion of the monument itself.

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