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Statue of Ukh-hotep and His Family

Statue of Ukh-hotep and His Family
Material : Granite
Width : 30 CM Height : 37 CM
Found in : Meir () ...
Period : The Middle Kingdom
Reign of : Senusert III
Dynasty: XII
Belonged_to: Ukh-hotep

Statuary group for family members is a type of sculpture that appeared in the Middle Kingdom as a deviation from the typical form of the Old Kingdom style . It is a kind of private sculpture where statues for all the members of the family are carved rather rough-hewn in hard stone such as granite .
This funeral group depicts the family of Ukh-hotep , One of the monarchs of Middle Egypt , that was found in the tomb of Ukh-hotep tomb in the area of the necropolis of the 14th nome of Upper Egypt .
In the center of the stela appears the head of the family , Ukh­hotep , standing with his hands by his sides , wearing a black wig and a long skirt adorned with some of the titles such as head of the priests of Hathor . On the right hand of the man stands one of his wife with her hands by her side too and wearing Hathor wig on her head . In the other side of the stela stands the second wife of Ukh-hotep in the same position . The daughter of Ukh-hotep stands directly beneath her father with beautiful hairstyle that was usually used for depicting children in that period but dressed in the same way of adult woman . The name and function of each member of the family is carved on his cloths . Behind the family members appear two Udjat eyes as a symbol for magical power , while the either sides of the stela are decorated with lotus and Papyrus flowers .…

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