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The tomb of Irukaptah at Saqqara, also called Khenu

The tomb of Irukaptah at Saqqara, also called Khenu

The four niches have been reasonably cut into the surface, 45cm above ground level. Each measures about 1.62m in height and 0.62m in width. They are separated by 42cm wide pillars. All had meant to be completed with decoration including an Egyptian coving as well as jambs, but work had been abandoned long before it was finished. However, the outer coving and jambs are present on the first (left) and the jamb on the left side of the second.

 Each niche contains a statue in human size, representing three men and a woman, supposedly these are three of Irukaptah and one of his wife. The mediocre quality of the rock required the use of filler to repair the faults. Remains of a pale pink filler shows that the statues were intended to be painted, but it is uncertain if the colours had begun to be applied.
 All characters stand with their feet together. The three men have the arms hanging at the side of their body, whilst the woman has the right arm folded on her chest, with the hand at the height of the breast.
 Here, more than on the opposite wall, can be seen the stages of creation of these statues, since the preparatory work was in red paint, then passing on to chisel work to create more and more detail.
The tomb of Irukaptah  at Saqqara, also called Khenu
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