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The stela is broken into two pieces: the lunette and decorated section are in Vienna, the long inscription is in the Cairo Museum.
The Vienna piece has a lunette with a winged sun disc and the usual adoration scene of the Late Period: the deceased is standing in front of an offering table, Osiris, <A HREF=Horus>Harendotes</A> and Isis. The vertical lines of inscription mention the three gods and Tany. She is pouring liquid from a hes-vase over an offering table with loaves. Osiris is standing on a low pedestal, Harendotes and Isis are standing behind him, each holding a was-sceptre in their left hand. Only traces of the first line of the inscription are left on this piece in Vienna.


(3) <A HREF=Horus>Harendotes</A>.
(4) Isis, the Great one, the Divine Mother.
(5) Words to be spoken by Osiris, the Great God, (6) Lord of Abydos, so that he may give a funerary offering of beer and bread (7) for the revered one with Osiris (8) Tany, true of voice, lady of reverence.


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